Get yours social card today !

It is like a business card, but it is used for social occasions. It is a personal, social card !

On it you can have as little as your facebook address, or email address, or whatever you prefer.

Beside the cool factor of having your own high quality customized personal cards, it has great social uses.

It allows you to give people a point of contact for you in all safety and anonymity.

For example:
Girls: that guy at the club is cute, but he is a stranger. Why take a chance? You can keep in touch but you don't have to give him  your phone number anymore. Simply use your social card !

Guys: why give away a geeky business card when you can pass out a cool personal card that doesn't say, "Hi, I'm a pencil pusher!" They don't need to caricature you into your job title. Let them find out who you are as a person.

What if you want the encounter to be private and discreet? What if you don't wanna take the chance of this person calling you at the wrong times?

Well thanks to your social card, you don't have to. Heck, they don't even need to find out what your actual name is if you don't want them  to !

The card on the left is not an actual social card. It is our logo. Your actual cards will contain no advertisement or address - just your social network address, info and logo, like the example below.


Just pass out your social card and they can contact you anytime !

But you will rest assured in the knowledge that if someone wants to get a hold of you, they will do it via the privacy, comfort, and security afforded to you by your facebook or other social network profile, website and messaging system.

Right now the only way to get one is to order one from:
the PostalAnnex in Burbank, CA



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